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IV Technical Scientific Colloquium on Rum, 2016


By Luis Rondón Paz.

For three days, in the province of Matanzas it was held one of the most important scientific technical and cultural events of the Cuban light rum. The Rum Factory of Cardenas, former Arechabalas; was the place chosen to officially open the Fourth International Scientific Technical Colloquium on Light Rum, Varadero-Cárdenas. There they were welcomed friends of Cuban rum, who counted on the presence of all the Masters of Cuban rum and aspirants.

A woman making history.

In the context of the opening ceremony, the words of the President of the Corporation Cuba Ron SA, Juan Bautista Gonzalez Escalona were read.He distinguished the specialist of the Rum Factory of Santa Cruz, Engineer Salomé Alemán Carriazo, Master of Cuban rum, being this a historical fact, since for more than 150 years in the history of Cuban rum, a woman had not been given the abovementioned category; who modestly thanked all those who supported her in her improvement, and recalled that responsibility, commitment, discipline and dedication are values that pride the movement of Masters of Cuban rum. In addition to the new responsibilities as Master of Cuban Rum, she also assumes, others as representative of Cuban women in the world of spirits, she said.

A IV Colloquium full of culture and history.

The Rum Factory of Cardenas was one of the most successful producers in the past, so they told the guests historians, who with their words moved the audience to relive the history of the Rum Factory of Cardenas, its tradition, cultural flows and the emergence of ancient Arechabalas Rum Factory. A perfect bridge to walk through the path of rum. A tour allowed visitors to see the creation process: knowing the type of water used for the production process, perceive and smell the aroma of rum in the cellars, how the selection of the barrels is made and the aging of the drinks inside, tasting processes, beverage selection, packaging and final production process. Thereby promoting greater closeness to the world of spirits produced in Cuba.

At the end of the guided tour to the facilities of the Rum Factory of Cardenas there was a small farewell reception and then Colloquium delegation returned to the hotel for a demonstration of flairtending by the Association of Bartenders and flutter of a giant cake with Perla del Norte rum.

Specialized conferences, talks and competitions.

The second day of the Fourth Colloquium, the Theaters of Barceló Hotel Complex "Arenas Blancas" and "Solymar" were hosts of specialized conferences and competitions. Cuban Ron Corporation presented "Foreign investment: business opportunities in the industry," which outlined its corporate strategy, which is founded "on a rigorous strategic and management model that has been applied for several years, which has allowed to continue the policy of growth and a commitment to a greater presence in international markets. "The promotion and marketing of rums Cubay from Santo Domingo municipality, Villa Clara Province, and Perla del Norte in Cardenas municipality, Matanzas province, are key players in this season.

In addition, the current state of recovery of the Rum Factory of Santa Cruz del Norte, as part of major projects and business line of Cuba Ron in the country and its commitment to the environment and responsible management programs of natural resources, energy and biodiversity protection, was highlighted.

The presentation "Protected Designation of Origin Cuba" discussed various aspects of Cuban rum and knowledge, and to the delight of those present they were reminded that recently the President of the National Heritage Council, declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation "The knowledge Masters of Rum, as well as the manufacturing spaces in which the process of transmission of such knowledge occurs ".

There were presentations on the Origin of the spirits, Quality of Light Rum, impact of technology and innovation, current challenges for the industry, what differentiates the Cuban drink from the rest of the world, among other papers that led to further dialogues with Masters of Cuban Rum and Aspirants.

Simultaneously, in other areas of the hotels there were competitions: Gourmet, Cocktail and blind tasting, the latter with 7 national rums and with up to 12 years of aging which enriched the competitive exercise.

The winners, the walk of the Perla del Norte and the next call.

At the awards ceremony, competitors were recognized in the three competitions. Ron Cuba warded the talents of those who competed in Cocktail making using the Perla del Norte rum, a base beverage used for preparing cocktail "Perla de Hicacos," which won first place. They were also awarded the best chefs in the Gourmet Kitchen competition where the Culinary Association of the Republic of Cuba with its Representation in Varadero, gave a special prize to Restaurant Una Copita y Más.

As part of the award ceremony they were distinguished the direction staff of Barceló "Arenas Blancas" and "Solymar" resort for hosting in the management of the IV International Symposium, and the hospitality of its workers with delegates and guests from Cuba Ron. They were also recognized the Culinary Association of Cuba and the Association of Bartenders in Varadero.

The third day, in tune with the Rum Festival in Varadero, tastings of various products of the Corporation and other traders were made in several sales centers and tourist destination, with the aim of positioning the Perla del Norte product on the market.

Hours later, the Amphitheatre Varadero was the chosen place for artists and frontline groups as Soneros All Stars, El Niño and La Verdad, Haila and Habana de Primera, give closure to the IV International Scientific and Technical Colloquium on Light Rum Varadero-Cárdenas 2016. On that occasion, the open call for the V Symposium which will be held the coming 2017 in the west was made.

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