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Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Cuban Rum Culture.

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P.D.O. Cuba


It is a kind of distinction or recognition applied to an agricultural or foodstuff product whose quality or characteristics are fundamental and exclusive to the geographical origin in which it is produced, processed and prepared.

In other words, it's a rating that is used to legally protect certain foods that are produced in a given area, against producers from other areas who would build on the good name they have created the original, in a long time of manufacture or cultivation.

The POD makes up the national heritage of a State, because the exclusive property rights on the geographical name of a part of the national territory or the country name itself is part of the sovereign power of the state, so that no natural person or legal ownership may be awarded, but will use the geographical indication under the control and authorization of the state.


Importance of The DOP.

  • It grantees the consumer a constant quality level and specific characteristics.
  • producers obtain a legal protection against the development of such products in other areas, although the same ingredients and procedures are used, which allow them to influence the final price of these.
  • It encourages the organization in productive sector and
  • It facilitates producers access of to domestic and international markets.
  • They are instruments of development and promotion of regions and countries.


How to recognize the DOP

Each PDO has a logo that identifies and differentiates it from the rest of the product category, or they are simply expressed with a text indicating the given denomination.


Regulatory Boards

DOPs are directed by a set of rules that are contained in the so-called "Regulations", where we can find all the details on the demarcation of the production area, the varieties and authorized practices, as well as the basics of development of certain products. It is also determined by Regulation the creation, composition and functions of the Regulatory Council, which is entrusted with the management and protection of each appellation.

The Regulatory Council brings together all producers of a protected product by a PDO, for the purposes of control, ensure the quality of the protected products and maintain the reputation of them.

The first Designation of Origin Regulated dates from 1756, when the prime minister of Portugal, created in Oporto, the "General Company of Agriculture of the Vines Alto Douro", with which he aimed to ensure the quality of the famous Oporto wine, balance production and trade and pricing. Thus, it was created the equivalent of the first Regulatory Council of Denomination of Origin in the world.

Channels for registration of a DOP

  • National Channel:Direct registration in the country of interest.
  • International Registration System:Lisbon Agreement
  • Community Register:27 European Union countries


Cuban DOPs

Legal framework

The Cuban Industrial Property Office (CIPO) establishes the geographical indications of products through Decree-Law 228 of 2002.


Products marked DOP in Cuba

Cuba currently has more than twenty denominations of origin, primarily to identify tobacco.

Also, there are other DO registered as: "Los Portales" for mineral waters, San Diego de los Baños for medicinal mineral waters and Elguea for medicinal muds, among others requested for rum and coffee for the features that the Cuban climate and traditions provide to these products. Among them we find Cuba, El Nicho and Altos de la Meseta.

Features of the PDO "CUBA" for Rum.

The prestige of Cuban rum in the international market, particularly in Europe, has been consolidated from the commercial success of the Havana Club brand and the growing presence of brands permitted for export: Varadero, Caney, Legendario, Arecha, Santiago Cuba, Cubay, Mulata and Santero.

High quality and unmistakable characteristics of Cuban rum makes it worth effective protection of its image and prestige, as well as at the same time protect consumers in international markets against confusion arising from false indications of origin of foreign products of similar nature.

The experience of other countries and of Cuba in creating guarantee seals of origin for certain products has particular use to protect the origin of Cuban rum to be exported.

The hallmark of Cuban Rum gets to Masters of Rum from three main sources:

  • Tradition (cultural heritage)
  • The donation (vintage wines kept and updated by each generation)
  • Technological enforcement (strict respect for the physicochemical and sensory properties at each stage of the process).

By Decree Law 184, dated May 28, 1998, it established the Seal of National Origin Guarantee for Export Rum, for the fight against counterfeiting abroad.

In correspondence with the above and taking into account the quality of Rum, the strength of our national producers, tradition, culture and prestige of our brands, it was considered that there are sufficient distinctive elements for the Cuban Rum to receive the recognition of the Designation of Origin CUBA by the Cuban Office of Industrial Property; as it now exists for the Habano, and proceed to its international protection.

Rum Regulatory Council "CRR"


Trademarks bearing the designation of origin Cuba.

  • Havana Club
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Cubay
  • Perla del Norte
  • Isla del Tesoro
  • Siglo y 1/2


Brief overview of The brands

For the preparation of rums, Cuba Ron has five production entities and a Master of Rum Movement that controls on the industry itself the manufacturing process.

The rum produced in our country, is light, whose origin is specifically limited to the province of Santiago de Cuba and the year 1862, with modifications to the manufacturing process whose pioneer was the Catalonian Facundo Bacardi.

At present, the consumption of rum has won preferences, reaching the third position against spirits that are currently leading the market: whiskey and vodka respectively.

A new category of spirit has entered the international rankings, the baijiu, from China.

During 2012, Cuba became the first exporting country in the Caribbean, displacing Dominican Republic, which previously led the list in the region.

Despite the restrictions on access to the US market, the world's largest consumer of rum, our country has been gaining international markets from incorporating higher added value to our rum.

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Limited Edition

Siglo y Medio Rum

In order to commemorate the 150 anniversary, the Masters of Rum prepared a new product, with a production limited by its incredible quality. Now we present a product that is excellence itself, something sublime prepared with much love, dedication and mysticism, in honor of the genuine and authentic Cuban Rum of all times.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium-Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo

Unique and unrepeatable, of extraordinary flavor and delicate aroma, Cuban rum comes from sugar cane, which with its characteristic sweetness and spirit, expressed in a magnificent eau-de-vie wisely aged, together with the centennial secrets of the Cuban Masters of Rum, are the complement of this mythical creation.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Light-Amber

Quality: 95%

Limited Edition

Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

It´s taste is a magical journey through the varied and soft fruit flavors and spices that grow on this earth. The Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is a one hundred percent privileged encounter with the character of Santiago.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Isla del Tesoro Rum

It is a mixture of bases of rums aged in "precious coffers", that once again breed the "wonderful jewel" of the Cuban Rum, heir of the wisdom, the delivery and the work of the vigorous Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba, with more than 150 years dedicated to the manufacture of the genuine "all times rum".

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium

Quality: 95%