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Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Cuban Rum Culture.

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Savoring an exquisite drink of rum, whether it is accompanied by friends or alone, is often considered a healing pleasure. During the last year, as a result of the current health crisis, the celebrations and events where the consumption of rum is usual, have been relegated to the private sphere, thus acquiring a more liturgical value in almost every household in Cuba.

Cuban light rum, unique in the world due to the particularities of its production, owes its flavor to the molasses of sugar cane, which originates in a tropical climate. This contributes to the conservation and the various aging processes of a beverage with high concentrations of sugars, low acidity and strong aromatic components.

Regardless of the brand in question, whether it's a versatile Havana Club, a subtle Cubay rum or the stunning Santiago de Cuba rum, the expert rum masters agree that the best way to pair this drink with some other component is to guarantee a correct balance, despite the risk of any combination.

For Alfredo Guerra, Ambassador of Havana Club International S.A., there is no better ally to share some of the greatest moments of life, since the presence of rum is usual in celebrations, and can be mixed with almost any preparation.

Cocktails are a very enjoyable way to share this spirituous liquid, and in the case of Cuban light rum, this is the base for essential cocktails in the entire world, such as the Mojito and the Daiquirí. In these preparations the presence of our national drinks is required, because "it is precisely that freshness and that softness what allows the balance in a drink in which all the ingredients are exposed", as stated by the specialist in the official blog of the Havana Club brand.

In the words of the Rum Master Julio Ayán Rial, when it comes to marrying Cuban light rum, "you have to consider if you want to pair it with food, with a good tobacco, or with chocolate or candy." Among riskier combinations, tobacco is usually the best companion for a shot of rum, for which its organoleptic properties must be taken into account.

It is not advisable to combine a light rum of marked expressiveness with an unremarkable tobacco, and vice versa, since either of the two flavors or aromas could hide the other and would lose the nuances that a good pairing gives us, as both elements can create an unique taste and sensorial experience.

In times where alcohol consumption is limited to our homes, it is possible to venture into pairings perhaps previously unexplored. Adaptable to the economy of each family, the labels of Cuban light rum, which can differ in years and aging processes, can be combined with the local seasoning of each Cuban house, a good coffee or the bitterness of a delicious chocolate from Baracoa. There are no limits when exploring the flavors of our land, where rum plays the leading role.

For the Rum Master Francisco Javier Sabbat, this drink must be combined with typical elements of home life, appealing to responsible consumption in an environment where there may be children; we can choose for example the moment after meals, and enjoy ourselves with the whole family.

Appealing to the increasingly comprehensive knowledge of the potentialities of a good pairing of Cuban light rum, is not a crazy or elitist idea, since it has to do entirely with the national DNA and the sense of "Cubanness", as this spirit drink is nourished by the essences of our identity. Then, it should not be difficult to let yourself be tempted by a favored environment, for example, with the accompaniment of traditional Cuban music, a good robust tobacco and a shot of light Cuban rum, of your choice. Then, there's nothing left to do but to close your eyes and let yourself go on an ever new path.


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Limited Edition

Siglo y Medio Rum

In order to commemorate the 150 anniversary, the Masters of Rum prepared a new product, with a production limited by its incredible quality. Now we present a product that is excellence itself, something sublime prepared with much love, dedication and mysticism, in honor of the genuine and authentic Cuban Rum of all times.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium-Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Cubay Carta Blanca Extra Viejo

Unique and unrepeatable, of extraordinary flavor and delicate aroma, Cuban rum comes from sugar cane, which with its characteristic sweetness and spirit, expressed in a magnificent eau-de-vie wisely aged, together with the centennial secrets of the Cuban Masters of Rum, are the complement of this mythical creation.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Light-Amber

Quality: 95%

Limited Edition

Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

It´s taste is a magical journey through the varied and soft fruit flavors and spices that grow on this earth. The Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum is a one hundred percent privileged encounter with the character of Santiago.

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Dark

Quality: 100%

Limited Edition

Isla del Tesoro Rum

It is a mixture of bases of rums aged in "precious coffers", that once again breed the "wonderful jewel" of the Cuban Rum, heir of the wisdom, the delivery and the work of the vigorous Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba, with more than 150 years dedicated to the manufacture of the genuine "all times rum".

Alcoholic degree: 40%

Color: Medium

Quality: 95%