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With a Tribute Gala at the Mella Theater in Havana, Thursday February 11, 2016 the Excellences Group held the fifth edition of their Excellences Awards, with which each year they pay tribute to important figures and institutions, with the goal of promoting excellence in different fields, all related to tourism, culture, education, gastronomy and society.

In Cuba this year were recognized 28 institutions, personalities and outstanding projects in a Gala Tribute that shown the rich cultural fusion that characterizes the island.

This year the gala had special meaning for being this the fifth edition of Cuba of the Excellences Awards, which were created in 2005 by the important Spanish group of communication, and have since become a benchmark for all those who work always with the goal of being excellent. 

For three years, besides the TOURISM EXCELENCES AWARDS, the GOURMET EXCELENCES AWARDS are also awarded in Cuba, the ART EXCELENCES, and ENGINE EXCELENCES SPECIAL and the SPECIAL Caribbean News Digital AWARD. 

In the Tribute Gala of Excellences Awards Cuba 2015 performed novel figures and other already established in Cuban music, including the young Jazz Band, Vocal Group Renacer, the Polaroid Group, the singers Zunilda, Cristian Alejandro and Mayco de Alma, the instrumentalists Cesar Lopez and Hector Quinta, and Eme Alfonso, Polito Ibañez and Buena Fe duo.

At the entrance of the Mella Theater guests could see the first sign of a group of works that make up the socio-cultural project Chessboards, an initiative of Excellences Group and the Chess Players Club Followers of Jose Raul Capablanca, which has joined important artists in order to encourage the practice of this sport on the island, especially in children and young people.

The sociocultural project Chessboards is composed by works of Zaida del Río, Alicia de la Campa, Sinecio Cuétara, Gabriel Antonio Cuétara de la Campa, Milton Bernal, Alberto Sautúa Fernández, Landy Mesis Álvarez, Guillermo Zaldívar Rodríguez, Irving Torres Barroso, Adrián Cuba, José Antonio Oliva Alfonso, Jorge Salvador Guanche García, Reynaldo L. Álvarez Villamil, Hector Montaner Naranjo, Iskra Ravelo and Ricardo Labarca Lebrigio.

In addition to these distinctions, internationally, Excellences Group recently celebrated the XI edition of the EXCELENCIAS 2015 AWARDS, which took place on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the International Tourism Fair FITUR-Madrid, Spain.

On that occasion, they were awarded 35 projects and personalities in different categories, all of them with an outstanding record in the fields of tourism, culture and gastronomy.


Excellences Gourmet Award to International Chef Ismel Navarro Torrespor for his contribution to the rescue of Cuban culinary traditions, through the development of, exquisite, abundant and economically varied cuisine in emblematic places of Havana as restaurants La Flor de Loto, Mimosa, Los Nardos, El Asturianito, El Trofeo and now D’Lirio, just across from the iconic Capitol of Old Havana.

The award was picked up by the International Chef Ismel Navarro Torres

Excellences Gourmet Award to Master of Cuban Rum Tranquilino Palencia Estruch for his work in rescuing culture and rum-making tradition of Cuba, the formation of new masters of rum, including for the first time in history women, and their work in the creation of Ron Santiago 500, leading exponent of Cuban Light Rum.

The award picked up on his behalf by Osnier Soñora Almaguer, commercial vice president of Cuba Ron

Excellences Gourmet Award to Professor Maria Esther Abreu Reus, lead manager and general coordinator of the First Diploma in Culinary Journalism, which together with the Faculty of Communication of Havana was held in Cuba in order to promote food media culture among Cuban media professionals. 

The award was picked up by Professor Maria Esther Reus Abreu

Excellences Motor Prize to BDC International SA for its contribution for more than 30 years in different spheres of national economy through the distribution of dissimilar products and services as well as different brands of cars, and the development of different education, culture and sport support programs.

the award was picked up by Croonenberghs Benoit, CEO of BDC International SA in Cuba

Special Prize Caribbean News Digital to Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba and its president Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, for his contribution to the development of the ties of friendship between lovers of sailing in the world, and especially for his work in the organization and sponsorship of major competitions, regattas and fishing events that have brought together peoples of Cuba and the United States.

the award was received on his behalf by Mr. Fernando Ramiro Barefoot, Vice commodore of Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba.

Excellences Award to National Directorate of Primary Education of the Ministry of Education for its contribution to the promotion of comprehensive care of children in community and educational field and developed in the Convention of Primary Education of Ministry of Education, the NGO Save the Children Spain and the Spanish and the Agency for International Cooperation for Development.

The award was picked up by Master Odalys García Figueroa, National Director of Primary Education.

Excellences Art Prize to the Recordings and Musical Reproductions Company, EGREM, and its director Mario Angel Escalona Serrano, main Cuban label, who has worked tirelessly to facilitate the creative effort of composers and musicians, as well as the consumption of the best and most authentic Cuban music, and marketing of music and artistic performances live in Cuba and abroad, as well as participation in fairs and national and international events. 

The award was picked up by Mario Angel Escalona Serrano, CEO of EGREM.

Excellences Art Award to Santiaguero Septet, a group founded in 1995 and which has achieved with its work for more than 20 years not only different awards such as the Cubadisco award or Grammy Latino, but also a rank among the leading exponents of traditional Cuban music and achieve especially the recognition of traditional trova of Santiago de Cuba.

The award was picked up on his behalf by Mario Angel Escalona Serrano, director general of the EGREM.

Excellences Art Award to José Antonio Rodríguez Fúster, painter, printmaker, ceramist and graphic designer, who alongside his artistic work has developed in his village, Jaimanita, a transcendental community work, in which he uses his knowledge of ceramics and mural painting, and has incorporated therein to children and youth from the town. 

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Fúster picked up the prize 

Excellences Award to José Pardo Santayana and Gomez de Olea, military attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Cuba, for his contribution to the rescue of the historical memory of the peoples of Spain and Cuba, particularly that related to the Hispanic Cuban American War and the scenes of the Naval Battle fought by Admiral Cervera, recently declared National Heritage. 

The award was picked up by José Pardo de Santayana y Gómez Olea

Excellences Touristic Award to Blue Diamond Resorts, second chain of foreign administration in Cuba, for its successful expansion strategy, which has led it since its inception in 2011 to grow by more than 13 000 rooms in 8 countries, which already has in Cuba 15 facilities and more than 8,400 rooms in the main centers of the country, achieving in 2015 significant recognition to hotels like the Royalton Cayo Santa Maria and Royalton Hicacos, ranked in the top 25 all-inclusive hotels in the Caribbean.

The award was picked up by Rafael Villanueva, commercial director of Blue Diamond Resorts.

Excellences Art Award to Radio Taíno, tourist FM of Cuba, which for over 30 years has worked daily in the dissemination of cultural elements that enrich the destination Cuba and has accompanied the development of the tourism industry in the country, being an effective auxiliary for all Cubans and foreign journalists who cover Cuba as a tourist destination. 

The award was picked up by Otto Braña Gonzalez, director of Radio Taíno.

Excellences Art award to Haydee Milanés, singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer, who despite her youth has achieved an important album, and especially in 2015 surprised with her album "Palabras, Haydee Milanes canta a Marta Valdés", the most comprehensive musical anthology of an indispensable author of the Cuban song of the twentieth century, awarded the Cubadisco award in the Song category and six Lucas awards, with the video clip "Canción Fácil" directed by Fernando Pérez.

The award was picked up by Haydee Milanés

Excellences Art Award to Salvador González Escalona, a painter, sculptor and muralist, who has been devoted to working with the community through his Callejón de Hamel project, and who has made a significant contribution through his work on the interpretation of Cuban popular culture and its identification with popular Afro-Cuban society.

The award was picked up by Salvador González Escalona.

Excellences Award to Margarita Suarez García, who throughout her working life and especially from her current position as Director of State Property of the Office of the Historian of Havana has contributed tirelessly to safeguarding the Cuban heritage and awareness of its importance as unavoidable part of the national identity.

The award was picked up by Margarita Suárez García

Excellences Award to Antonio Martínez Rodríguez, general director of the National Hotel of Cuba, emblem of Cuban hotels with more than 85 years of existence and winning by more than 10 times the distinction of leader Hotel of Cuba, awarded by World Travel Awards , awarded through a strict process which involves more than half a million travel professionals and tourists from around 170 countries, demonstrating the well-earned reputation it enjoys and the high quality of the services provided by the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The award was picked up by José Soto Felipe González, Secretary of Labor Bureau of the National Hotel. 

Excellences Award to Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Havana, Director of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America and a member of the Congregation for the Clergy and for Health Pastoral Care of the Holy See, which has distinguished itself by the ecumenical work for the people of Cuba and the successful organization of the visit of His Holiness Francisco to Cuba.

The award was picked up by Engineer Jorge Mandilego, head of the project of the Archdiocese of Havana.

Excellences Award PhD. Nicasio Viña Bayés, geographer and naturalist, president of the eastern branch of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba and advisor to the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (BIOECO) for his contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural underwater heritage in Cuba.

The award was picked up on his behalf by Joseph Gerhart Muro, geographer and researcher.

Excellences Award to Gladys Collazo Usallán, director of the National Cultural Heritage Council and president of the Monuments Commission, for her management in the preservation and conservation of Tangible and Intangible Heritage of the Cuban nation. 

The award was picked up by Gladys Collazo Usallán.

Excellences Art Award for Cultural Project "A Compás Flamenco" and its director Karelia Cadavid, who from dance and culture in the Havana neighborhood of "Los Sitios" has contributed to the promotion and enhancement of human potential of children and youth, using art as a factor of social cohesion, dialogue between families and the socio-cultural development of the area and surrounding municipalities.

The award was picked up by Professor Fernández Lisandra Parson.

Excellences Art Award to Jorge Perugorría Rodriguez, an actor, producer, director and artist of varied and successful career in television and film, where he has more than fifty films, and who with his professional work has transcended the borders of Cuba, becoming a source of inspiration and pride of generations of Cubans.

The award was picked up by Jorge Rodriguez Perugorría

Excellences Award to Meliá Hotels & Resorts Cuba, Spanish tourism company that for over 25 years has helped drive the development of the national tourism industry, extolling its virtues, diversifying markets, promoting their culture, defending the environment, training their human resources, providing know-how and encouraging new tourism segments.

The award was picked up by Francisco Camps Cuba, director of operations for Meliá Hotels & Resorts Cuba.

Excellences Award to PhD. Vicente González Díaz, director of the Regional Center for Management and Management of Natural and Cultural Underwater Heritage, for his efforts for more than three decades to achieve the declaration of National Monument of the Batalla Naval de Santiago de Cuba Natural and Cultural Archaeological Park.

The award was picked up by PhD. Dr. Vicente González Díaz.

Excellences Award to Doctor Lorenzo Jorge Pérez Avila, for his dedication to clinical and therapeutic HIV-AIDS study and treatment of patients afflicted with the disease, as well as its scientific and social contributions in the field of infectious diseases at the National and international level.

The Award was picked up by Dr. Jorge Pérez Avila.

Excellences Award to the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex), an academic, scientific and healthcare institution with more than 26 years after its creation, specializing in the area of human sexuality with gender and law, which has promoted scientific exchange and integration of knowledge and experiences in various fields to transform Cuban society and promote inclusion and equality of its citizens (as) without prejudice to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The award was picked up by PhD. Mariela Castro Espín, director of CENESEX

Excellences Art Award to Master Leo Brouwer, a guitarist, composer and orchestra conductor, who has made possible an unmatched appointment in Havana, gathering on the island a rare repertoire and some of the privileged voices of the twentieth century in the Les voix humaines Festival (human voices), a perfect marriage of intelligent music that found home in Cuba, where for more than fifteen years and counting the Office of Leo Brouwer dreams of and works to make this country a better place from the culture. 

The award was picked up by Master Leo Brouwer

Excellences Special Award to Cuba Ron Corporation, for perpetuating the most genuine Cuban traditions and promoting nationally and internationally the values associated with the rum culture. In addition, for the work done in the incorporation of women to the office of Master of Rum, previously intended only for men.

The award was picked up by Gabriela Alifano García, commercial vice president of Cuba Ron.

Excellences Special Tourist Award to the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba for tourism growth in 2015, earning a record of more than 17% historical growth. and for their contributions to the gastronomic development in the private sector.

The ward was picked up by María del Carmen Orellana, general director of marketing.

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