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The origins of the Rum as gender don´t have to be searched in Cuba, but the softness, flavor and smell of a "light Rum", was born in Cuba. Read more...


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Sao Can, legitimate son of sugar cane, sinks its roots in sugar plantations since the mid-nineteenth century. Read more...


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Santiago de Cuba Rum

This rum is created and produced in the rum Industry of Santiago de Cuba since the revolutionary government nationalized (1960) the Bacardí and Matusalén factories. It is the work of dedicated masters of rum and workers of old rum factories in that region, who became the owners of the factories with the triumph of the Revolution. Its etymology brings out the generosity of a special micro climate for the fruit scent, typically creole, sweet and strong at the same time. It constitutes the highest expression of Cuban Rum tradition. It is unique for its authenticity and quality (scent, smoothness and taste).
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    • César Augusto Martí Marcelo

      He was born in the central region of Cuba in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Villa Clara Province on September 8, 1976, doing his studies in the town of Rodrigo of the same municipality.

    • Asbel Morales Lorenzo

      He was born on April 2, 1968 in a village in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Villa Clara province, within a working class family consisting of four brothers.

    • Manuel Calderón Echevarría

      He was born in the nest of a working class family on October 5th, 1956 in the province of Matanzas. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Jose Antonio Echeverria Polytechnic Institute.

    • Juan Carlos González Delgado

      Juan Carlos González Delgado

      He was born in 1951 within a working class family. His first studies were in schools of today´s Mayabeque province. He graduated from the University of Havana in 1976, and he began working in the Rum Factory of Santa Cruz that same year.

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  • daiquiri rebelde

    Daiquiri Rebelde


    • White sugar
    • Lemon juice
    • ½ oz. Cubay Mint Liqueur
    • 1 ½ oz. Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca Rum
    • Frappé ice


    Use a blender to mix the sugar, lemon juice, Cubay mint liqueur, the Carta Blanca and ice. Shake well and serve in a champagne cup.

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  • Rum “Santiago de Cuba 500” was registered on the European Union Intellectual Property Office

    Rum “Santiago de Cuba 500” was registered on the European Union Intellectual Property Office

    The rum “Santiago de Cuba 500” is one of the most exclusive spirits of Cuba Ron S.A. Corporation and other cuban rums. This rum has the distinction of Protected Denomination of Origin (P.DO.) Cuba, which states the products are authentic and original from Cuba. It also certifies they are made with raw materials 


  • Press release. What we do with the rum industry wastes.

    Press release. What we do with the rum industry wastes.

    In a recently published article, it is exposed an alleged alarming and uncontrolled environmental pollution generated by Santa Cruz rum factory, which belongs to the Corporation “Cuba Ron S.A.”, based on not reliable data and sources. In addition to it, the article suggests to the reader that there is a legal limbo regarding the protection of the environment in Cuba and there is no corporate responsibility in the rum industry for the treatment of wastes.


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The Corporation Cuba Rum S.A. is the producing organization for the trademarks of rum in Cuba, receiver of the faithfulest traditions in the Rum Cuban Culture.